Covid-19 Vaccinations

For more information about the covid vaccine download the leaflet, visit or

Vaccination Record Card

All patients will receive a vaccination record card after the first dose of the vaccine, which you must keep safe and ensure you have with you when you attend for your second, booster or third primary dose. One of our team will use this card to record which vaccine you have received and when.

Problem with your vaccination record? Get help with the “check your COVID-19 vaccine record service”

How can individuals access the Vaccine Data Resolution Service (VDRS)?

Guidance on how individuals can access VDRS can be found via The VDRS can also be contacted by calling 119, selecting option 1 (‘England’) and then option 4 (‘to report an issue with your vaccination record’). The call agents will take some details from the individual and make an electronic referral into the VDRS service.

The VDRS team will aim to contact the individual within 21 days. The number they will call the individual from is 01869 817119. They will make 3 attempts to contact you (this is not a number that individuals can call into).

If the VDRS team are unsuccessful in contacting the individual, they will need to call 119 and make a new referral. The individual’s previous call will be closed after the three attempts to contact them.

How long will it take the VDRS to contact individuals?

The VDRS team aims to contact individuals within 21 days of referral.

Having Your Covid Booster and seasonal flu vaccination together at the South Street Vaccination Hub

For qualifying patients aged over 40 or in an “At Risk” group (see later link “health condition that puts you at high risk of COVID”) you will be able to attend the South Street vaccination Hub for your covid booster if this is your preferred option. Just wait to be contacted by text, letter, or telephone call for your invite. Please do let your surgery know however if you book an appointment at the vaccination hub and then decide to use a covid booster “drop in facility” instead. (This is to avoid vaccine wastage for the NHS as your GP is ordering advance supplies of vaccine for these clinics.)

If you are also eligible for a flu vaccination this year (see link “Flu vaccine- NHS”) and are yet to receive your jab, then you can have the two vaccinations together at the same appointment at the designated GP vaccination hub.

Covid 19 Drop in Booster facilities

As we head into winter, getting vaccinated and having your covid booster vaccine are the best ways to protect yourself against COVID and help the NHS by avoiding overwhelming our hospital and GPs. We’re fortunate to have a local vaccine centre in the Broad Street Mall and it is now open 7 days a week, 9.30am – 7pm. (Please bear in mind you cannot have a flu vaccination at the “drop in facilities”)
COVID vaccines are available for all age groups, no appointment needed. Just turn up for:

  • your booster vaccine
  • first vaccine
  • second vaccine
  • 12–15-year olds’ vaccination (a parent or guardian will need to attend)

To also help you plan ahead, if your second COVID vaccine was more than 152 days (5 months) ago and you’re over 40, or over 16 and health condition that puts you at high risk of COVID, you can book ahead for your booster vaccine when it is due at 182 days.

It is also recommended that

16–17-year-olds get a second COVID vaccine 12 weeks after their first dose. Vaccine appointments can be booked via the NHS national system, or just walk-in to the Broad Street Mall vaccine centre 12 weeks after your first vaccine.

What if you catch COVID and flu at the same time?

This winter we’re not just having to fight COVID, we’re likely to see a rise in flu, too. Flu is a virus that claims, on average, 11,000 lives a year in England and you’re more likely to get seriously ill if you catch flu and COVID at the same time. Everyone who is eligible is being urged to have their flu vaccine as well this winter. To check your eligibility for the flu vaccine, visit Flu vaccine – NHS (

Help stop transmission this winter

To help stop the transmission of COVID and protect ourselves and others against flu and COVID, aside from getting vaccinated remember:

  • wash your hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitiser
  • please wear a face covering, especially in enclosed spaces
  • COVID gathers in the air like smoke. Opening windows for just 10 mins can reduce transmission. Meet friends and family outside for a walk if you can.