Sick Notes

If you are requesting a sick note, please bear the following in mind.

Illnesses that last up to 7 days should be self-certified. Form is available on-line and is handed directly to the employer.

Clinical cases are prioritised over routine admin such as sick notes. The time you wait for a sick note will, therefore, vary depending on the clinical workload at that time – but we endeavour to have them completed in 3-5 working days.

Sick notes are not on-demand. A sick note can be requested but whether it is issued or not depends on whether it can be clinically justified. That is, a short term illness that prevents one from working.

Sick notes are usually for short term illnesses; longer term illnesses require a disability assessment.

A sicknote is a legal document. The health professional who signs it can be summoned to a court to justify it.

A sick note must be justified as to its: reason; and its time interval.

When you request your sick note, please inform us:

  1. Why you are making the request

  2. The dates you are requesting to be signed off (with justification where relevant)

  3. Whether you have made a plan to return to work

  4. Whether you have spoken to Occupational Health at your workplace (please submit any relevant documents with your request).

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